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NEWS 2.7.2019 Attention gamers! We'll be close  Saturday, February 9 for a private event! 1.17.2019 If you're looking for more music games, we've added Jubeat to our roster of games! 1.9.2019 We've added a few new games to our roster of games: Super Pac-Man, Major Havoc, Lunar Lander, Tempest, Gauntlet, Defender, and Joust! 12.31.2018 We've added a stack of board games  for you to Celebrate the New Year at Level 419! We've also added new cabinets to the roster of games:MArtial Champion, Robocop, Stryder, Target Toss Beanbag. & Wrestle War! Also be the first to enjoy the second production cabinet of The Spectre Files - Death Stalker. Enjoy complimentary refreshments (including some non-alcoholic bubbly!), new arcade games and some other surprises, and raffles! All for just $10! Check out events for more information! 12.21.2018 We're truly, truly honored to announce our latest addition to our roster of games: The Spectre Files - Death Stalker. This is, without much exaggeration, a historic moment for Level 419 and the gaming community for a number of reasons. The Spectre Files was a vaporware title created by legendary Midway game designer, Brian Colin (Rampage, Arch Rivals, among others!). A full-motion video adventure, the Spectre Files was cancelled by Midway in the mid-80's. As with most vaporware, the game seemed to be destined never to see the dim light of the arcades. We'll also begin offering board & Card games for gamers to enjoy for our New Years Celebration. Check out what will be available in our roster of games!
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